Stardew valley Tips You Need To Learn Now

The Ultimate Revelation Of Stardew valley Tips:

The game itself doesn’t explain the way it should be played which makes jumping a little threatening so I want to share the techniques I learned while playing.

Stardew valley tips



A couple of things should be learned about switch control including pressing y to take the item from the stack, x to exit out of letters, using triggers to cycle or use the cursor, and shoulders to shift.


 SOUNDS using Stardew valley tips


Despite your best efforts not to disturb anyone, you can’t enjoy some games such as fishing without enabling the sounds and so headphones can be very helpful for the said purpose.


ENERGY LEVELS Stardew valley tips


Keeping your energy levels high in Stardew is key to achieve anything there.




Active tools consume energy which is important to preserve. Unequip them when not using frequently.


Stardew valley tips for TIME


Moving in Stardew can take hours thus not leaving you with enough time. After waking up, plane your day carefully and make a list of to-do lists keeping in mind your energy and remaining time.


PAUSE IF DOING NOTHING Stardew valley tips


When are not clear about the next step, pause the game and then plane thus saving precious time.

STAYING UP MIDNIGHT Stardew valley tips


You can’t achieve anything in midnight, so better take rest and sleep and save energy. Carefully use land resources.


 BUILD CHESTS using Stardew valley tips


Limited things can be done at one time. storing wood, don’t forget to craft and make the chest.  Building chest helps organize everything and I have it everywhere home, crops etc. and storing material on right location saves a lot of time.


UNLOCKING NEW AREA Stardew valley tips


Fix a broken bridge for 300 wood on the beach area and open a door to big fortune if you want to make money quickly.


UPGRADE using Stardew valley tips


Upgrade your backpack for only 2 grand and its worth taking.


Throwing away Stardew valley tips


Everything except trash is useful and worth keeping and sell everything with the star on it. Saved things might win you something in exhibitions and having some wheat for the winter season is essential.


 Using Fertilizer using Stardew valley tips 


Just planting crops won’t work. You have to use fertilizers and provide water as required to enhance growth and then to earn profit out of it.


Artisan products Stardew valley tips


Make fancy items like cheese from milk, eggs, and honey instead of selling raw products to make your mark.


Sell Products, Watch TV


Instead of eating all the crops for energy, sell some to be upgraded and to make some money. Do watch TV to learn cooking and to keep yourself updated about the weather.


Noticeboard Stardew valley tips


Seeing notice board regularly will help you socialize with the community along with receiving letters and mays and the calendar on the board will help you plan about your crops by providing their validity and expiry date. So notice board is more than important.


Stardew valley tips for Rain


Rainy days can be utilized by exploring the area since you’ll be free from your responsibility of watering crops.


Stardew valley tips for Romantic cuties


Stardew provides a unique facility to romance up to 10 characters by having a good conversation. But to marry someone you’ll have to get mermaid’s pendant available on rainy days in beach and wait three days after a proposal. Choice of the spouse is crucial since it will move into your farm and may influence your every decision.


Befriending Wizard


Having wizard on your side is important if you’re interested in changing your appearance only for $500.


Stardew valley tips for Exploring Mines


Exploring mines can be very useful as far as making income by selling mine material and exploring rare fish is concerned. In doing that, keep your energy levels high, locate mines and make good planning otherwise it can prove disastrous e.g. if you lose senses or anything in mine including time.


Bombs, worms, fog


Bombs are quite helpful not only in clearing the way but killing enemies too. Worms can prove too dangerous enemies, get rid of them as soon as possible. Make home before fog takes over and come out of mine. It can make things very difficult.


Eating snacks


You can cook anything you want in the kitchen of your unlocked house. However, eat some snacks while exploring mines, coffee to improve movement skills and soup to enhance fishing skills.


Visit desert and Saloon


While deeply exploring mines, you’ll get a key to unlock certain cabins which contain gold. Use gold to finance your bus ticket to the desert to gain access to special things.

Visit Saloon not only to socialize but to play certain games.


Stardew valley tips for Donate to Museum


Donating to the museum will help you preserve prestige and an opportunity to find more diamonds.


The things which are unable to be sold in town can vet shipped and resold. On Fridays and Saturdays, some valuable things can also be bought from caravans though the possibility is rare. Things can also be found in the trash but you have to do it secretly to avoid embarrassment.


Build community centers using Stardew valley tips


Building community centers to fulfill quests is valuable venture often leading to the unlocking of certain levels. Some levels may enable you to grow crops even in winter through special needs and provide an opportunity to locate desert on a map.


You’ll be informed of the exact time of the train. Visit it and get precious items thrown out of the train. Visit the spa to gain energy and pleasure once it is unlocked and doesn’t forget to buy cool hats. Visit provides little opportunities to grow crops so use that time for upgradation, socialization, and exploration and buy some cheap fruit trees.


Become friendly with Mamie with two hearts and to get new quests. The game provides a lot of opportunities to have fun and to remain involved. Seize the moment.


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