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Stardew valley fair is basically a feast, that held on every year. The time for entering or attending in the city is between morning to afternoon. After leaving festival we will return to farm at late night. Before the opening of the festival outside the city, Everything is locked. You cannot enter the city before the feast. you can win token Star Token from some famous games that are included in the feast. You can swap the prizes and change the prizes at the shop. The large quantity of token which is a currency in their game Is about 10,000. The most worth noting thing in the shop for purchasing. Therefore, availability of star tokens that might be wed is three thousand and four hundred. (fourteen if you have earlier buy the things).

Stardew valley fair

Stardew valley fair items

The Stardew valley has also a Stardew valley farm display. Where the production and brand of the farm arranged differently and can be shown to gain star tokens. In their Stardew valley fair, a mayor named Lewis is also present there for judging products. and then all of the farm exhibit things can be take up later of deciding, but their things not at all automatically restored to your supply, because the reason behind there is that if you left the things behind in the farm display. Your items of Stardew valley fair will be lost.


Stardew valley fair

In the northward of the Stardew valley fair by the ride of the fountains, where you can look Gus baking durability burgers. if you want to stuff these burgers with your bar you can do that. But all this won’t be observable until the festival exists. Eric Barone after finishing computer science in 2012, lived in Seattle but when he applied for some job openings. No one called him, in their sad situation, and being discouraged by the pressures of adulthood got embraced by “bohemian” girlfriends and friends.


Stardew valley fair versions

He decided to make his little simple game based on the version of human’s bead necklace. But there would also serve as a programming exercise and nothing else. This result turned to the pastime into a self-exile and urged him to search the meaning of life, then he thanks a routine of work which he did up to 10 hours daily, in the amazing and wonderful game Stardew valley.

Important things of Stardew valley fair

In February 2016, the result was quite shocking. Because the captured RPG proved one of the most exciting communities in indie history. And in the first 2 months of this more than 1 million copies were sold. Because Stardew valley is a different type of creature. Although the hideous Farmville has already explored the country’s life. Due to his friendly way, he seems to have found the perfect spot in the beast of a generation. Because of his knowing things professionally but the dissatisfaction. And questions there were the main things that lead to of simplicity. the question is also raised into our mind is, would Stardew valley be the “therapeutic game” made for the new millennium?


The phenomenon of Stardew valley fair

Better understands this phenomenon. We decided to talk with its creator “Eric Barone “and also with Brazilian developers. And with young people who accompany the indie community, these are the people who decided to live closer to nature without the aid of computers. This is not an easy answer to give, because the protogairt of the Stardew valley has a privilege that Eric Barone himself.  The ENEM laggards millions of Brazilians were in crisis. Whoever offers the emergency exit in the grandfather. In a letter planned for a future in which the” burden of modern life” would become unbearable. The plague of “good” comes to fruition in the nerd scene.

When we find the grandson, now an adult and depressed, in one of the cubicula of a large company called “Joja corporation”. Besides all this, a sympathetic print of capitalism is found among his office colleagues.


Hero and heroine of Stardew valley fair

They are all like decaying corpse that no collected from the dark. The hero and heroine discovered in the in the convenient little card. That they inherited a farm in the fictitious regions that give the game. its name the sender of this convenient little card already weans. that this story has nothing original. The purpose behind this warning Is that as he himself has claimed.” the same fact happened to me a long time ago. I right what matter most in my life. Actual connections with community and essence. So I discarded all and moved to the region I really belonged to “Eric Barone” also seems to have sought refuge in the universe in which he felt more at ease. In his days of unemployment, he decided to begin as a clone of one the video games. that most hated his childhood, the harvest moon farm simulator.

Eric says it was the simple domestic and peaceful gameplay that drew him in the first franchise title.

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